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Fox & Sparrow

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Sparrow is about to interview for a position at the ministry. If successful, he’ll attend the Government Ball at the Feather Palace, where singing sensation Chirpy Canary will perform. He’s one step away from infiltrating this oppressive regime, hoping to make a change. Fox, a wanted rebel, and Sparrow’s most trusted ally, breaks in to visit him ahead of his final test. After three gruelling months apart, they have both changed. As each attempt to convince the other of their plan, they become more and more estranged. How can they find intimacy when all else is lost? How can they communicate emotion and authenticity in a world of violence and divisiveness? Endure or confront? 


Fox & Sparrow will debut at Barnstaple's Fringe TheatreFest in June 2024.


Baptist Hall

Dates and Times:

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Friday 28th June | 8pm

Saturday 29th June | 9pm

Sunday 30th June | 6.45pm

Fox & Sparrow Mid Res.jpg


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