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Moving On

Moving On is a surround sound and projection installation featuring original composition, film and text. It takes the audience on a journey through the twists and turns of coming of age. From naivety, through discovery, to fear and eventually buoyancy, how do we find motivation, inspiration, and hope along the way?

 Catch Moving On at Barnstaple's Fringe TheatreFest in June 2024.


Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon

Dates and Times:

Running in 20-minute loops

Thursday 27th June | 10.30 - 4.30

Friday 28th June | 10.30  - 4.30

Saturday 39th June | 10.30 - 2.10*

Admittance is on a pay-what-you-will-basis. No ticket required. 

*This time was updated. Some printed media might say 2.30. 2.10 is the correct end time.

Moving On Brochure Image.jpg

Artwork by Zoë Buffery

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